The intent behind Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself is directly in its title. The purpose (meaningful and personal) doesn’t stray from this regard. It is a collection of essays that Tsara Shelton had scattered throughout the Internet in her effort to assist struggling parents and those who may love someone with autism.

Shelton spends her time nestled in the goodness of nature, actively appreciating the world in which she lives. Through her stories, Shelton opens up vulnerable wounds, sharing with us her journey through relationships and the fathering of her multiracial boys while, also, owning her mistakes and conviction to forever learn. Spinning in Circles reads to me more like journalling, as if Shelton forgot that the collection would be in the hands of strangers throughout the world. I often praised her bravery, unable to fathom how anyone could be so candid in their darkest moments. It made me imagine about her day-to-day life and interactions — with those she loves closely and those who are simply passing by.

In Shelton’s ordinary life, it is apparent that her wisdom comes from the earth. Despite her troubles, she gives me the impression of someone who loves deeply, cares for others intensely and carries the burden of many on her own shoulders. The awareness she has about the world around her is evident in her writing, showcasing her desire to express through creativity and ability to maintain her individual truth.

Spinning in Circles is filled with good intention and positive energy.