Oscar López Rivera
has been in the U.S. prison system since 1981 for “seditious conspiracy in attempting to overthrow American government on the island of Puerto Rico.” Throughout the course of his life, he worked towards making America a better place for all Latinos and Black people. He organized countless educational programs in Chicago and got involved in his community in any way that he could. After serving in the Vietnam War, he started to ask questions about his own homeland. He couldn’t understand why he was being awarded for killing people in a war that wasn’t his own. When he returned back to the States, he picked a new fight: end United States colonial rule over Puerto Rico.

Between Torture and Resistance is a heart wrenching read. Through Oscar’s letters to his family and close friends, we learn of the unthinkable conditions he has had to suffer in prisons throughout the country. It was very hard to read. And it was even more difficult to grasp how we can call ourselves a democracy while ruling over other nations and torturing those who only want freedom.

March in NYC on May 30th to #FreeOscarLopez