This book is important for many different reasons, one being that many of us have, whether we recognize it or a not, a very unique personality. We are mostly composed of a kaleidoscope of dreams, hopes and ideas; a drive and voice that is buried deep within us. But throughout the course of life, this kaleidoscope is darkened and the view gets a bit blurry. What Mastery attempts to do is very simple: wake you up, clear your vision.

Robert Greene is one of my favorites because his way of writing is very honest. He doesn’t try to tip-toe around the truth: in life we will meet fools. We will meet people who do not like us for no reason. We will meet people who are jealous. We might have a mentor who wants complete control, we might not. But what he does in his honesty is provide remarkable insight in how to navigate in this world. And in navigating throughout the challenges that life will throw, it is important to always remember the goal: accomplish your Life’s Task. Be a Master.

“It is the choice of where to direct his or her creative energy that makes the Master.”