When I first read Buddha’s Brain in September of 2013, I was incredibly intrigued because it helped me to understand my brain’s emotional reaction to certain events. But now, after completing The Future of the Mind, it turned up the notch about 10 levels. I now have a completely different view (and understanding) of life itself. It has made me feel that we (humans) have created our own limitations, we’ve harmed our own growth and further confirms Barbara Ehrenreich words, “we’ve made ourselves far more lonelier as a species than we need to.”

What I can respect the most about Dr. Michio Kaku’s words is that not only does he provide the positive aspects to an advanced society, he also sheds light on the negative. Because at the end of the day we have to keep in mind that our world is not composed of 100% good people who are interested in this being a better place. But does this mean that we, as the good guys, should simply stop creating? No. We have to keep discovering new things because the bad guys won’t stop being bad. The world needs the good and creative mind to balance it out and win. There isn’t, unfortunately, a collective idea about surviving as a species. Far too many people view the world from their own lifetime without realizing that whatever we do at this very moment, shapes the future.