C.L.R. James utilizes this text to shed the light on Haiti during the times leading up to the Haitian Revolution and the remarkable events during. We learn about the will of the people who refused to be treated badly and degraded; the determination and commitment to fight for freedom until the death and their fearlessness to pull these actions through. On an island inhabited by individuals stolen from their home country, they couldn’t grasp the concept of why they needed to negotiate their lives and freedom with others. But the reality can not be avoided: bodies were rationalized like cattle, souls disbursed and abused like cloth. The Black Jacobins doesn’t only give us the bad taste of how the French and Spanish wanted to rule over San Domingo, it shows us how a people who organize and come together for a common goal can accomplish great things. It also shows us the brain power that lived in Toussaint L’Ouverture and the love he had for his people. Despite his downfall, L’Ouverture wanted his people to be and always remain independent.

“There was no need to be ashamed for being black. The #revolution had awakened them, had given them the possibility of achievement, confidence and pride. That psychological weakness, that feeling of inferiority with which the imperialist poison colonial peoples everywhere, these were gone.”