18296120I was drawn to this book because I wanted to know how Barbara Ehrenreich thought and why. I’ve always been curious about why people have finalized their belief into eliminating the idea of God and I wanted some of my own questions answered. But what I learned from this book is very valid for me: the word ‘atheist’ was created by a societal group who also created the word ‘religion.’ I, personally, do not believe it is possible for us, as human beings, to believe in absolutely nothing. Ehrenreich grew up in a home that traditionally didn’t go to church or live in a religious world, therefore, she had no guilt in her feelings. But, she believed in something. We all believe in something even if that something constitutes as “nothing”. The word ‘atheist’ is giving a name to the God the religious society wants us to believe in. But if we choose to believe in something entirely our own, does that make us an atheist? I don’t think so. She made a very heart warming realization to me in this memoir when she writes that we have made ourselves far more lonelier as a species than we need to. Barbara Ehrenreich is truly for the open minded!