51rItTl4G3L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Here is an enchanting story!

John Howard Griffin challenges himself to visit the deep South during the 1950s as a Black man. He undergoes pigment change through oral medication and UV ray lighting. The story is more than intriguing — it is real. Griffin’s intention was to prove that Black people in America are judged solely based off the color of their skin. He decided, in his journey, to keep his language, thoughts, clothes, walk and so on. He remained the exact same person–except, of course, his skin color. What he discovered baffled him and sent him on an emotional roller coaster that made him wonder if he’d ever get off. It changed his perspective of the country he loved, grew up in and ultimately, called home. He began to view the cities differently, as a Black man now and no longer as a privileged White man. When his identity was revealed, he and his family were threatened and misunderstood to the point that his parents flew to Mexico. But he continued forward with his message and didn’t stop fighting for equal rights or until his home country took responsibility for creating a constitution that only benefited half of its people.