GoTellmounI came across James Baldwin‘s name rather late in life, I’m ashamed to admit. I recently found him because I was doing Black History research for work. Curiosity hit me and I was motivated to learn more about him and so, I did. I found him to be rather intriguing. What I love the most about who he is, is what he represents. He represents a human being who refused to conform to something he wasn’t. I respect his honesty, humility and desire to tell a specific kind of story.

Go Tell It On The Mountain was his first novel and is rumored to have been based on his life. The words are surrounded around a church in Harlem and a family that is filled with skeletons in each of their closets. Although there are a lot of religious references in it, I think the most important lesson to comprehend is the fact that no one is perfect. Everyone–everyone–has their problems and has made mistakes. Everyone has hurt another or has been hurt themselves. Everyone is tainted and not one–not one of us–is exempt.

I can’t wait to get my hands on his other novels. Bravo, Mr. Baldwin!