77092Dreaming in Cuban is a very interesting novel that ventures through the life of a Cuban family from the 1930s to the 1980s. It is separated by three generations of women and shows how each family member decides to deal with the revolutionary tactics of Fidel Castro.

The head of the household, Celia del Pino, is a dedicated Castro supporter and devotes majority of her time to the revolution. Her husband and daughters, however, have a very different outlook. Her oldest, Lourdes, leaves to New York and opens a bakery. She frowns upon the island she once called home and her father agrees with her sentiments. Felicia, the second daughter, retreats to Santeria after learning about the death of her father. And Pilar, Lourdes daughter, is the one who is ultimately dreaming in Cuban because she can hear her grandmother’s voice while she sleeps. Having left the island at a very young age, there is much she doesn’t remember but she continues to have a great connection with Celia.

When Cristina Garcia was asked why she wrote this as her first novel, she explained that having grown up in New York made her a very Americanized Cuban. This novel was her attempt to get closer to her culture, her people.