This is the type of book that will make you look at the world differently. Although it is pretty obvious that Americans tend to find themselves in the business of other nations, this takes it to another level of arrogance. It just further confirms how some of us like to believe that we’re the saviors of the world and that we surely must have all the answers.

Even though I am sure Ethan Watters could of written a much larger book on the subject, he decided to focus on four very specific parts: anorexia in China, post-traumatic stress disorder in Sri Lanka, schizophrenia in Zanzibar and depression in Japan. All of these mental illnesses were nonexistent in those areas of the world until American doctors invited themselves over in order to assist in their “healing” — without taking into consideration that the mind adapts according to culture. But, they were convinced, that every mind reacts, responds and heals the same. But also, Watters digs a little deeper in clarifying that, of course, pharmaceutical companies are in the business of making money by any means necessary. If they have to lie about side effects, they will. If they have to pay researchers to manipulate the truth, they will.

What you will learn by reading this is that pharmaceutical companies have successfully conducted the biggest scheme the world has ever seen.